Placed an important role at the time of great leaps in Vietnam automation development, in 2017, Autotech Services & Technical Solutions Jsc., called ATTS was founded, proudly to be one of the first and few companies in Vietnam to provide automation services & technical solutions for both manufacturers & investors.

About Us

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Our story

The future of automation worldwide and in Vietnam.

Automation in the manufacturing industry has evolved from the use of basic hydraulic and pneumatic systems to today’s modern robots. Since its inception, industrial automation has made great advances in manufacturing. The world benefits improved efficiency, production of high-quality products and reduced labor and production costs.

Vietnam is becoming a manufacturing powerhouse, moving towards becoming one of leading industrialized countries in Asia. In the past 10 years, we witness thousands of robots have been installed in many industries including electronics, automobiles and consumer industries. Within 1-2 years, leading electronics and automotive companies invested more than 15.000 automation robot systems. Vietnamese manufacturers and assemblers have also developed to a large scale and complied with production regulations and standards of the world. However, due to limited technical infrastructure & resources, human resources & qualified engineers in particular, underdeveloped supporting industries & services, Vietnam has not reached its full potential.

Who we are

ATTS - Autotech Services & Technical Solutions JSC.

ATTS was founded in 2017. At that time, it’s difficult to find a professional automation service provider while the demand was increasing as international companies were investing in manufacturing in Vietnam.

Seizing that opportunity, ATTS built up a team of engineers with many years of experience, starting to participate in the very first project, commissioning 4000 robots for Samsung and more than 1000 robots for Vinfast in 4 years.

After that success, ATTS has continuously grown to become one of the first and few companies to provide complete automation services & technical solutions for both domestic and international manufacturers.

With our vision of reaching further & beyond, ATTS has prepared to be ready for the Industry 4.0 era. Currently, we have expanded our services to provide Engineering Services and Smart Factory Solutions in Vietnam and overseas markets.

Our engineers are always updated with the most advanced technology, knowledge and skills to offer high quality services with international standards to our customers.

Vision & Mission


High-quality, cost-effective, trusted automation & engineering service partnership.


Provide internationally recognized automation services to domestic & global customers.

What we do

Engineering Services
& Smart Factory Solutions

Engineering Services

  • Electrical Engineering; 
  • Robot & PLC OLP, supporting VC;
  • Robot & PLC Site commissioning;
  • Others: Welding commissioning, data acquisition, smart machines, etc.


  • Production Planning (APS)
  • MES
  • Quality for Defection Reduction
  • Quality for Traceability
  • Maintenance 4.0
  • Energy Management
  • Product lifecycle management
  • ERP

Our Achievements

Commissioned more than 5000 robots. Deployed more than 100 PLC solutions, Scada, smart factory solutions.
Provided engineering services to customers in 8 countries: Germany, Poland, India, China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia.
Expert in 4 important segments: Automobile, Electronics, Semiconductor, and F&B.
Provided onsite automation services in 6 different countries other than Vietnam: Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Korea, Japan, India.
Professional team with 50 automation engineers, familiar with ABB, Kuka, Nachi, Fanuc, Yaskawa Robot; Siemens, Rockwell, Mitsubishi, Schneider, and Beckhoff control system.

Our Core Values

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    Technical Excellence

    We keep updated with the most advanced technologies & upgrade our ability, knowledge, skills to provide high quality services with international standard to our customers.
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    We listen to customers and build long-term relationships with them. By understanding and anticipating their needs, we work hard to exceed our customers’ expectations and deliver a better experience.
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    We bring advanced solutions to solve the problems of our clients, improve their efficiency and to better manage their cost.
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    We value and cultivate our employees to embrace continuous learning, improvement, self-motivation, self-initiative, taking ownership, prompt action and performing always to the best of their ability.
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    Integrity & Adaptability

    We maintain the highest standards of ethical behavior and professional integrity in everything we do. We adapt to the varying business demands and respond timely to the environmental changes.

What Makes Us Unique

Working Culture

inherited from leaders to employees

  • Take ownership & prompt action to perform always the best of their ability.
  • High self-standard.
  • Excellent knowledge & skills.
  • Continuous learning & improving.


in Vietnam & beyond the border

  • Partner with the best companies in the industry globally: FFT, EBZ, Kuka, ABB, ThyssenKrupp & more.
  • Served big customers in Vietnam.
  • Worked with international customers in vary countries with different conditions, requirements.


in multiple segments & industries

  • Expert in electrical engineering, robot & PLC commissioning, welding commissioning, data acquisition, smart machines and smart factory solutions.
  • Provide solutions for Electronics, Automobile, F&B, Metal fabrication and Semiconductors.

Our Strength

Our Team are young, fast, disciplined, and willing to work hard.

ATTS engineers are highly knowledgeable about international standards and technology. We have been involved in commissioning robots for BIW Vinfast since the very beginning, together with FFT, EBZ, Hirotec, etc.

Our engineers have dedicated over 150.000 hours for programming, commissioning, and providing production support in the automobile industry.

We can recruit and provide training, coaching for additional manpower as needed by our customers.